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A complete Ozark home inspection is an essential part to any home purchase or sale.  The trained experts at Check It Home Inspection will ensure nothing is missed. Call us today.

Buying property is a huge financial responsibility. Before you take the plunge and make that closing date official, enlist the services of a property inspector from Check It Home Inspections. Our Fort Smith, AR inspectors can evaluate the condition of the property you're looking to buy so that you know what you're getting into before you hand over that down payment.

Protect Yourself

When you work with a property inspector from Check It Home Inspections, you'll get a knowledgeable professional who knows what to look for in properties new and old. Whether you're buying your first home or are adding to your real estate portfolio, it pays to have someone from our team inspect your new space before finalizing your transaction. In some cases, an inspection may uncover a serious flaw that compromises the structure or value of the property you're seeking to purchase. Why take chances?

Peace of Mind

You deserve to complete your real estate transaction with the knowledge that a thorough, professional evaluation has been performed on the property you're looking to buy. Rely on Check It Home Inspections to get you the answers you need before you're left without recourse. To schedule an appointment with a property inspector from our team, call us today.

Buyers - Complete pre-closing and follow up inspections. Know as much as you can about the property before closing.

Sellers - Inspect first to possibly avoid a lost sales contract. Be proactive; make your home stand out.

Buyers and Sellers - Please make plans to attend at least the last portion of the inspection to go over the report and ask all the questions you need.

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